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Blog friends in real life

What a difference a year makes.  After last year’s Cybermummy I felt rather strange. The experience was interesting and I think I learnt something, certainly it was what kicked me up the arse to write my novel, but there was something missing for me. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was all just a bit overwhelming and I got home and felt confused about what I was doing with my blog.

This year though was very different for me. I think I put that down to a couple of things. Being much more established in my ‘blog career’ (god I sound like a tosser) and having some really rather good friends who happen to write into into cyberspace several times a week too.  It was brilliant to be there with my friend Jane (@northermum1) who I will now say I have known for about 8 years and actually when she becomes a big famous writer and her blog takes over the world I’ll say quietly (actually probably quite loudly) “I inspired her to blog”.

It was wonderful to spend so much time with Peggy (@perfhappymum) who is a genuinely lovely and generous person and given we live about 1 mile from each other we don’t see enough of each other. But I also got to meet @scribblingmum who essentially is living my life, but in Scotland. Sometimes you worry that you may get on in blogland but will that translate to real life – and it did with us.  She’s a remarkably calm and poised lady and an incredibly talented writer. I knew we’d hit it off.  (not that I am either of those things).

I got to catch up with Heather from YoungandYounger (who gave me my MAD award from last year!), I met Metropolitan Mum again who is gorgeous (bit like Claudia Schiffer actually so by rights I shouldn’t actually like her) and has also written a book so we had lots in common (the book thing, not being gorgeous). I met the very lovely Penny from Alexander Residence, who again is writing a book and was down to earth and witty. I was really happy to finally meet Michelle from Mummy from the Heart, she is brilliant and has been such a good cyber-support to me over the past 2 years.

I met many other clever, talented, funny bloggers and of course I had a chat with the supremely talented Susanna from A Modern Mother (but you probably knew that) who we have to thank along with Jen and Sian for creating this event.

The key note by Sarah Brown I found slightly flat. I mean don’t get me wrong she’s a good person but I’m not really sure what point she was making.  But then I don’t follow her Twitter stream so maybe I’m missing something.  The rest of the sessions I went to were interesting, the one about ‘finding your blogging voice’ gave me a few ideas and actually some pretty good points were made about content.

So back to the real world. Next week I’ll be working more than I expected. In an office.  In London. I’ll be pondering some more on where my blog is going. I’m wondering about moving to WordPress (I just think it’s easier for the type of things I want to do) and in the same breath wondering about whether with all the changes in my life I’ve moved on from It’s a Mummy’s Life now. I’m so much more than a mummy, as we all are, and this blog needs to be about so much more than my children, lest I embarrass them when they go to school. I’m thinking that one through. And I’ll be continuing to try and hold the good ship www.reallykidfriendly.com together whilst also running Mabel & Milo. 

So thank you Cybermummy. You gave me a chance to meet my virtual support network, drink lots of wine (well done to Jane for commandeering the wine stall!) and you have given me food for thought.

I leave you with a picture of Jane’s swag haul. Just because it’s funny.


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