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Enough already Mummy

Tilly is a chatterbox, she chats all day. Mostly to herself but also to me, Eliza, her toys, people on the street, Grandpa, her Dad, the birds, the flowers. She just loves to chat. No idea where this comes from.

So she was ‘reading’ her book this morning as I was getting them both ready for nursery and the childminder. The conversation went like this.

“Come on Tilly, time to get you dressed now.”

“I’m readin’ Mummy.”

“Jolly good.  Right come on then, let’s get dressed.” Yes I am very encouraging but we had about 5 minutes to go.

“No. I’m readin’ already Mummy.”

Reading already?  Who knew she was auditioning for a part in Roseanne?

It was endearing and Tilly-ish so I indulged her for about 10 more seconds before getting her dressed. However on getting her ready for her bath tonight she was playing with some obscure toy that needed to be opened and closed.

“I opened it all by myself Mummy!” she was very proud.

“Well done darling, very clever girl. Now let’s get your nappy off and into the bath.”

“No Mummy. I’m playing already.”


Of course the best thing about Tilly talking is when I say goodnight to her.

“Night darling. I love you.”

“Love ‘oooo Mummy.”

That’s worth having a small Joan Rivers for I think.


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