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Nature or nurture or dried pasta?

When I was little I would sneak into the larder and look around for something to snack on. Then, like now, I’d snack on things then say I wasn’t hungry at meal times. Funnily enough I have little or no empathy for my daughters now when they tell me that.  I have transmogrified into a mother who has little or no patience for that sort of nonsense. I don’t fret about it, I just tell them if they don’t eat it then they’ll be hungry.  (Actually I’m not at all like that, only tonight I bribed Eliza to go to bed with salami.)

Amongst my many preferred snacks as a child was dried pasta. There was never anything ‘nice’ in our larder, my mum had a special cupboard for crisps and things but we all knew were it was so it was a bit pointless as it was at a very low level and consequently always empty. So I made do with sheets of lasagne, bow pasta or macaroni. I’d sneak into the larder, find the cardboard pack of lasagne sheets, take one out and then eat it all up. I used to also love dried spaghetti. I’d take a handful and nibble it down to the end.

So imagine my delight when I realised my eldest daughter shares this obsession.  I caught her red-handed in the cupboard (again at toddler height, like my mum’s special cupboard) taking some dried pasta out of the opened bag. She was nibbling it.  I was trying to think if perhaps she’d seen me do it. It’s entirely possible.  We have got to a point in this house where I won’t eat anything remotely desirable in front of the girls, because they will want to eat it too.  This is fine when the desirable thing is say an avocado or perhaps an apple but when it’s chocolate, olives or jelly tots (yes I have a childish weakness for sweets) then forget it. Not a chance.

So I think that perhaps I have been seen eating dried pasta.  How else do I explain this?  Unless it’s nature vs. nurture. She just has an innate desire to eat it.

Wow.  If you’d nominate this as most pointless blog post you’ve read for some considerable time, then do please go right ahead.

That’s all.



  1. Nice Post

  2. I love dried pasta too when I was a child:)

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