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Potty Trains

As anyone reading this blog with any regularity will know I am a little bit, well verging on quite a big bit, anxious about potty training Tilly. She has absolutely no interest in it. When asked if she’d like to sit on the potty she’ll say simply,

“No dank you Mummy,” and wander off.

I wasn’t anxious about Eliza because she was interested and frankly I wasn’t doing it alone as I was working full time and had a nanny who was brilliant.

So anyway.  Last night Eliza announced in her super-grown up voice that Tilly “liked doing wee’s on the loo Mummy.”

“Really?” said I.  Rather surprised that this had happened without my knowledge but nevertheless rather excited (amazing the things a mother gets excited about – discussions about loos never sounded so good.)

“Yes Mummy she does.  But she doesn’t like doing potty trains though.”

Potty trains?  I see. At which point it occurred to me that I had been having a casual conversation with our new childminder about Tilly’s lack of interest in ‘potty training’. Eliza had clearly overheard and brought her own unique brand of reality to the issue.

So I have decided to enlist Eliza’s help in getting Tilly interested. She’s a rather good teacher when she wants to be (takes after her Dad clearly) so she’s started to say Tilly, in the voice she reserves for being big sister which is very sweet but verging on severely patronising,

“Tilly would you like to sit on the potty? Come on Tilly it’s really nice!”

I’m not sure this is quite the approach any self-respecting alpha-mum would use but as usual I’m making it up as I go along.

I’m about as beta-mum as it’s possible to be, it’s all about trial and error in this house.


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