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Why I love being nude

Continuing with my theme from the last post,  I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes this week. So if you were expecting me to start talking about how I love to get my kit off then sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place (although I can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog is expecting that sort of thing).

I have always loved nude coloured stuff; lipstick, dresses, shoes, I’m sure it used to be called beige, but that was so dreadfully uncool and granny-ish that it got a rebrand. Nude is more exotic and sexy, beige is just boring.   The very idea of me being remotely on trend is quite funny really (to me anyway, not sure anyone else would really give it that much thought). But thanks to the very lovely Catherine Cambridge (is that her name now?), my new purchase makes me bang on with the best of the them.

There’s a part of me at the moment that is revelling in wearing dresses and heels.  It’s the little girl in me who always wore Mummy’s shoes and wanted to dress up.  Only now I can do it for real.  I look less ridiculous in ‘grown up lady shoes’ than I did when I was 5. It brings me back to one of my favourite subjects; nature vs. nurture.  To what extent are my girls influenced by their Mummy in their almost obsessive desire to try on shoes?  Eliza has several pairs of plastic ‘Princess’ shoes that my sister gave her for Christmas.  She utterly adores these shoes.  Every morning when we come downstairs she’s in the playroom putting on her princess shoes and her tiara.  She’s about as girly as it is possible for a little girl to be. It’s all about shoes, dresses and necklaces.

Tilly just wants to put other peoples’ shoes on.  Mine mostly, some of them with fearful platforms and heels that I have a job of keeping upright on, so my heart stops every time I see that Tilly has managed to find them.

And I don’t mind.  I’m not the type of mother who would prefer her little girls to not want to wear pink or dress up as princesses.  It really couldn’t matter less to me, if it’s what they want to do then they will do it.  Yes sometimes it would be nice to dress them in jeans and t-shirts but then I think they have many, many years ahead of them to do that.  To slob around in the first clothes they find as they roll out of their student beds.  Isn’t it nice for them dress up a bit while they can?

I think so.


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