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Mini breakthroughs

So this week we were on holiday in Cornwall, which was very lovely, if a little too short.  Holidays are always too short though aren’t they?

Several rather brilliant things happened as far as my little girls are concerned.

1. They both learnt to swim, albeit with armbands. They were so confident in the water both me and him indoors were blown away by them. Their delighted smiley faces bobbing above the water were gorgeous.  To be fair they have a father who seems to love the water, he was being a ‘dolphin’ and giving them both rides up and down the pool, happily being submersed by his two water-babies.  I, naturally, threw myself in the sun at any given opportunity, determined to lose the pallor of too many months covered up.

2. Tilly decided that she DID want to sit on the potty tonight.  Having said her customary ‘No dank you Mummy’ she promptly went and sat on it.  Nothing happened but she sat on it and that’s a breakthrough. Eliza said to me that “Tilly is doing potty trains now Mummy!”.  Much excitement.

3. Eliza actually asked me if she could wear jeans.  You have no idea what a breakthrough this is.  For about 18 months she has worn nothing but dresses, in fact she went for several months wearing only one dress, day and night, I had to swap it for a princess dress to wash it. She looks different in jeans, more grown up.  It’s going to be hard to get used to.

I was also very surprised at the way they behaved on the almost 7 hour journey home today. I mean yes it was a living nightmare, but they were pretty good considering they are 2 and 3 years old and were cooped up in a car for hours.  When we did stop at the services for some lunch all hell did of course break loose, but I actually found it rather funny.  Just watching us all sitting at a horribly small table in KFC (I know, TERRIBLE mother) with enough food to feed 3 families because I didn’t really understand the ‘menu’ (testament to the fact I have not set foot inside one for many, many years, I am so virtuous) with Tilly squeezing ketchup all over herself and Eliza starting to cry because she got a small dollop on her ‘favourite’ t-shirt.  She then had to have it taken off because she is slightly OCD about these things, so she was sat there in a skirt but no top.  Tilly meanwhile was still in her pyjamas (I know, double terrible parenting) and they were now covered in a combination of ketchup, chocolate, biscuits and dribble (I think she has her big molars coming).  They both then started to have a food fight, by which point the older couple next to us had started to tut.

Now my reaction to that is to quietly enjoy the fact that my children are causing a stir.  I really don’t mind it from an embarrassment perspective.  It happens so often that I simply couldn’t give a toss what other people think, I know that anyone who has ever had children will be (mostly) sympathetic and if they’re not then f**k ‘em frankly.   I’m embarrassed about my lack of ability to control them, I’m embarrassed about the way they speak to me.  But I’m always proud that they are my children. Even when they’re throwing themselves on the floor in the motorway services (I know, weird isn’t it).

So anyway we had a lovely week. We went to the beach and built sand castles and him indoors and I even swam in the sea.  We also managed a night out in a local pub which was a lot of fun. Just a shame holidays are always over so quickly.


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