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Things I will never hear

From Eliza

1. Mummy I’d really like to go to bed now with only one story that I won’t ask questions about the whole way through

2. Mummy please may I brush my teeth and have a wee before bed?
3. Mummy it’s so annoying when you come and sleep on my floor at night, I really would rather you stayed warm and comfortable in your own bed
4. Oh what lovely food you have lovingly made Mummy, I’m really looking forward to eating it all up
5. Please Mummy will you put my hair in a nice neat pony tail and wash my face before I go to Nursery?
From Tilly
1. Mummy can I please hold your hand?
2. Mummy I really want to use the potty
3. Oh please let me sit in my booster chair at the kitchen table so I don’t drop all my food because it’s all too far away from me
4. Mummy can I please leave the swings now as I’d like to go home and have lunch
5. Mummy I’m ready to leave the swimming pool now as my hands have turned into prunes¬†

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