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Cuddles and Closeness


NIVEA marks its 100th birthday by celebrating closeness in 21st century Britain. I liked the idea of this because since having my girls it’s all about cuddles in our house. Any excuse I can find for a cuddle with my children is an opportunity not to be missed. They are such little, fiery balls of raw emotion and they are growing up so fast that I know it won’t be long until they don’t want their mummy cuddling, kissing and squeezing all the time. So I’m making the most of it! I remember being cuddled a lot as a child and I think it’s important for a sense of security and being valued.

Tilly’s become a real Daddy’s girl lately. She’s really not that interested in Mummy.  My nose gets put out of joint when she’s hurt herself and she just wants her Dad.  But I rarely have time to dwell on it and frankly they go through so many phases I’m sure it’s just another one.

But tonight when her dad took her to bed she demanded to “cuddle Mummy please Daddy” so naturally I obliged and then was rewarded with “Love ooo Mummy.” Ahhh

So anyway the people at Nivea have collated a few other reasons why touch is such an important sense for little ones.

-baby brain development

When babies are born, their brains aren’t yet fully formed. Cognitive, brain and socio-emotional development are all dependent on consistent touch from their parents – without it, vital parts of the brain wouldn’t grow properly. Touch is so crucial, it’s the most highly developed sense at birth.

-childhood stress management

In the early years of life, children lack the ability to soothe themselves when stressed. Being rocked, stroked and cuddled by their parents is the key – it helps them feel safe and protected.

Of course touch is fundamental to our daily lives which is why NIVEA is encouraging closeness with its million moments of closeness campaign. They are asking for us to help them celebrate by uploading photos of you sharing a cosy moment with a friend, colleague, sibling, partner, parent or child at facebook.com/niveauk, or look out for their road shows, throughout the UK, where you can jump into a photo booth and have your picture instantly uploaded. Whether you share your photos on Facebook or at the roadshow, you’re in with a chance to win – every day, a picture of the day will be selected by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie, who’s studied closeness for NIVEA. The winner will receive one of 100 prizes worth £100.

And you can let them know how you feel about touch and togetherness in the Feel Closer debate at facebook.com/niveauk. Do you hug your best friend when you see her, or are you more likely to give her a peck on the cheek? Do you remember being cuddled a lot as a child, and how do you feel this has impacted on you as an adult? What do you think about elderly couples who still kiss and hold hands?   Discuss all this and more – and let’s find out how close we really are.

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