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Please let me sing along…?

Tilly sung herself to sleep tonight.  Something between “Have you seen the Muffin Man” and the theme to “Wonderpets”. She was belting it out like a pro, I kept turning the TV down to see if she was actually crying, but no she was just singing, chatting, singing, chatting.

Which is lovely.  But also quite ironic.  In her love of singing, Tilly has also discovered a love of listening to the old favourite Nursery Rhymes, Travelling Songs and Fruity Tunes in the car.  This is a dilemma. On the one hand I’m very happy that she’s singing along so delightedly on the other I was really rather enjoying the brief months I got when I was able to listen to my music and even the radio. You see Eliza had moved on to ‘proper’ music.  So I didn’t have to go through the Fruity Tunes scenario I had been doing before.

And the thing is that because I have been listening to the above CDs for many, many long months I know the words by heart.  So I sing along as anyone would. But Tilly doesn’t like this.

“Stop singin’ Mummy! No Mummy. Stop!”

I mean it’s one thing to be forced to listen to “She’ll be coming round the mountain” on a loop, but quite another to not even be able to sing along to it.  Eliza’s allowed to, even him indoors gets away with it. But Mummy is most definitely not.

Clearly I don’t let my kids rule my life.  In any way.  Oh no, not me.


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