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Live in the moment

I like it best when my house is filled with friends and their children.  No really I do.  I mean don’t get me wrong I love the peace and quiet of an evening alone every now and then, but when I’m at home with the girls during the day, we love having friends round.

So today we had lots of them. Three of my friends and their six children. Naturally Eliza loved it, she likes nothing more than getting other little girls to dress up as Princesses, whilst Tilly is pretty happy just continuing to do what she normally does, but if someone will play with her or better yet chat to her then she’s delighted.

Eliza’s dress sense took a turn in a rather eccentric direction today. It was raining where we are, pissing down.  So naturally she decided that a swimsuit and a pair of wellies would be the best protection against the lashing torrent.  I could see the logic.  At least it doesn’t matter how wet one gets in a swimsuit.  I tried to get a coat on her, but frankly she was having none of it and there’s something about that kind of blatant show of spirit that I do just love about my eldest daughter. She defies logic and is pretty damn proud of it. She isn’t a sickly child, in fact she’s anything but, so I’m not overly concerned about colds.

But after everyone had gone and the girls were taking a bit of time out with Nina and Neurons I was pottering about in the kitchen, loading and unloading the washing machine and/or dishwasher, I forget which they blur into one, when I felt inexplicably melancholy.

Not sure why really. Just a bit of a self-indulgent moment of contemplation took me by surprise. I have nothing to be introspective about after all, but I guess it happens every now and then.  So there I was, sitting at the kitchen table, staring out of the window at the rain lashing down on the washing that I’d not bothered to bring in, when Tilly came running in to the kitchen.

“Got my milk jug,” she was indeed carrying a toy plastic milk jug.  She wasn’t so much telling me of that fact as just stating the point to whomever might be interested. I said nothing but just watched her. She looked up at the table, and saw her blue cup which was, thankfully, empty as she then picked it up.

“Must pour some milk in my cup,” again to no one in particular.  She then poured the pretend milk into her cup.  Then lifted the cup to her lips and gulped it down in several large mouthfuls.

“Mmmm, I like my milk.”  Then she trotted off back to the play room.  I just sat and stared in wonder at my little girl. Living right now, in the present moment. Every second is new and every experience is filled with wonder.

My littlest girl.

It’s a cliche but my God kids are wonderful aren’t they?


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