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I’m a finalist in the Gurgles!

Blogging’s a funny thing really. You put your life out there for anyone to read (if indeed anyone actually does, I’m still not so sure it’s not just my Dad and best friend), you share your warts and all stories of parenting on the ‘frontline’. You expose your inner-most insecurities, hopes and fears (well within reason) and if you’re like me, then you’re extremely honest about your almost constant battles with guilt of being a working mum.

The thing is that I’ve had a long period where I haven’t really been a traditional working mum, I’ve been working yes, but not in the traditional – commute, work, race home, put them to bed, collapse with a glass of wine – way.  But work nevertheless.

And so I was both delighted and surprised that my blog has been nominated as a finalist in the Gurgle Blog Awards in the category of Best Working Mum blog.  Really, truly delighted.  It’s really rather wonderful to know that after almost two years people still think it’s worth reading.

It’s timely too, since I have been thinking about working (in the traditional sense) again.  I think I needed the break from what I have been doing solidly for about 18 years to get some perspective, spend some real time with my girls and figure out what on earth I wanted from my life. Clearly I still have no idea on the latter point but I’ve nailed the first two pretty well in the last 5 or so months. Being a working mum may actually be what I’m cut out to do,  maybe I needed that break to appreciate that.

Who knows.  Mabel & Milo will continue though, I’m loving that, I’ve just ordered some gorgeous Autumn/Winter clothes with a vintage feel again, and the Summer Sale is still on so pop over.

So anyway the point of this point is clearly to ask you to vote for me, if you’d like to of course.

Just go here and enter my blog url http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XL2DG6M

Thanks so much! 


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