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Baking for a good cause

Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October and so I decided to try out one of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Baking Sets.  Avon is encouraging people to host cake sales to raise vital funds for the cause, which affects almost 48,000 women in the UK every year.  Having lost my mother to the disease many years ago I was game for trying to do a bit of baking myself. She’s probably having a right old laugh at that. 
My little helper
Actually my mother was a pretty good baker.  I have many happy memories of licking out the mixing bowl with my sister, being told we’d get worms and not caring a sausage.  Funny really since Eliza is exactly the same. Only she doesn’t wait for me to finish mixing before her little fingers are stealing globs of mixture and hoping I haven’t seen. 
Yes ok, they weren’t perfect, but they tasted good.
But I digress.  I was asked to try out a one of the special bake sets that consist of a pink ribbon and a heart shaped cutter and six silicone cupcake holders (brilliant invention) and retails at just £5. Of this £1.25 is donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and all remaining proceeds to not-for-profits projects. 
So the kit comes with a great cupcake recipe that was devised by the lady who baked Kate & Wills’ wedding cake no less.  Well if it’s good enough for them…
Eliza helped me of course, we did a rather good job.  We stopped short of the sugar-paste icing and making our own roses (I mean come on, we were lucky the cakes were actually round frankly).  In fact I know my family pretty well so I made whipped cream to go on top with the lovely heart shaped pink sprinkles.  They were bloody gorgeous. 
Happy customer

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