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Tilly’s menagerie

Tilly is very funny.  I mean I know we all say that about our kids, but Tilly really can make me laugh in a way no one else can. She just has a way with words and a refreshingly low maintenance outlook on life.

She has lately become extremely interested in animals.  She has inherited a fabric Noah’s Ark I bought for Eliza at Geneva airport once. It was eye wateringly expensive. About £60. I know. They saw me coming. But nevertheless, having sat gathering dust on a shelf in the playroom since it was bought it is now being used, enjoyed and loved by Tilly.

The thing is there are some properly random animals in it that I can’t identify.  And the animals don’t really look like what they are supposed to.  Tilly seems to know them though.  She puts them all back in their little pouches with great care. It’s a menagerie of mammals, marsupials, rodents and reptiles. I’m guessing him indoors has been educating her.

With this love of animals has come her desire to be one. So a throw away comment to her such as:

“Tilly are you being a cheeky monkey?” when she throws her food on the floor with great merriment is met with,

“No Mummy. I’m a lion. Roaaarrrr!”

Of course you are.

She does a very good cat impression, a brilliant rabbit and a very convincing mouse. She is rarely to be seen without some form of soft toy animal firmly wedged under her arm.  She spreads her love widely. One day it might be ‘Rusty’ the dog, the next ‘Reggie’ the cat. Lately it’s even been a rather firmly and awkwardly stuffed elephant (that used to belong to him indoors).

As a cat, with bunny and a random dolly under her arm

Her cot is like a soft toy zoo. There’s barely room for her amongst the bears, elephants, cats, mice, rabbits and dogs. In fact after I’ve put her to bed she can be heard for hours afterwards chatting to all her ‘friends’. She calls them her friends too, it’s very sweet. She gets most upset if she hasn’t got one of her friends with her at all times.

She starts pre-school on Tuesday. Seems like yesterday she was peacefully introduced to the world. Goodness me, better stop now before I get emotional.


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