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Mum of the Year

I like to call it ‘Rustic’ 

Today I was trying to find a recipe for Pumpkin Pie on the internet. Tilly’s pumpkin that we planted way back in the Spring was very orange and looked to be very ready to pick (or saw as was more the case) and Eliza was desperate to make something with it, as was Tilly. Him indoors pretty much dared me to make a pumpkin pie and I decided to rise to the challenge.

 Eliza wanted to make pumpkin soup but I thought that would be about as exciting as a bowl of pureed cabbage so I overruled, well I am her Mum and therefore the boss (clearly I’m deluded).  I also thought that to be a truly Good Mother I would need to make something homely and wholesome so I decided a pie would be good for that. I found one on Delia’s cooking page, it was rather involved and needed things like molasses and double cream, I only had golden syrup and whipping cream and not enough eggs.  I’m all for cooking with the kids but frankly only if it’s pretty simple. They get bored if you have to endlessly fold and aerate pastry (I’m not actually sure that’s what you do but I know it involves air) so I cheated and hoped for the best.  Having been out all morning I didn’t want to have to schelp off to the shops either so we made do with what we had, hence the lack of eggs.  As you can see from the picture, the pastry suffered but it’s the right sort of colour so I’m hopeful. (We are yet to taste the fruits of our labours so I have no idea if I have totally f@*ed it up or not.)

Whilst my computer was open I had a quick look at my Twitter stream and saw that a nice blogger called @tiredmummyoftwo had mentioned me in her Sunday Share the Love post. Lovely I thought and duly took a trip over to her blog. I was slightly confused by the Christmas theme but then I realised that it is nearly October and it gets earlier every year and anyway I’m ready for warm jumpers and cold air on my face. Lovely blog by the way. Anyway whilst there I noticed another blog she had linked to called @MammasaurusBlog .  I skipped over to have a quick look whilst Eliza ate her way through the sugar bag. She has 8 kids. Eight. After trying to work out how she managed to fit so many in and wondering what kind of superwoman she was,  I read a couple of her posts. They are very funny and well worth a read, I love her honesty. I will be reading it regularly.

Tilly is now busy telling me that I am “not allowed to work Mummy” so that’s my hint to get off the computer and go back to being Mum of the Year.  The pumpkin pie is now ready. It smells bloody good, mind you the amount of golden syrup and sugar that went into it should do. They both look like urchins, having spent the morning at a National Trust garden which involved much running around and falling over (I always take them early on a Sunday morning so as not to offend the NT faithful who want a quiet stroll around the rose garden), followed by cooking which involved much flour and pumpkin all over their faces. A bit of cycling and running around barefoot in the garden has now rendered them exhausted.

So we are all going to have massive sugar highs as we eat our pumpkin pie before we all crash and burn in front of Peppa Pig.


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