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One of the most endearing things about my girls is witnessing Tilly’s realisation that she has a big sister, and watching Eliza’s realisation that she is a big sister, and therefore terribly important.  Part of this process involves Tilly copying pretty much everything her bigger, and wiser sister does. And says. And sings.

So this morning we got in the car to drive to pre-school and as usual as I turned the car on the music came on too. Johnny Cash (I am nothing if not diverse in my music taste). I was waiting for the usual protestations from both of them about the music, well actually lately it’s more likely to be Tilly. She is most insistent upon ‘Muffin Man’ recently. But no protestation came.  Instead I heard Eliza singing along, rather well as it happens, to Solitary Man (which is actually a Neil Diamond song and a good one – in fact even if you think you hate Neil Diamond and all his Holly Holy, Forever in Blue Jeans jollity, Solitary Man is one song you should listen to, lecture over.) Hearing Eliza singing the words of a man extolling the virtues or otherwise of the various women in his life was funny and bizarre in equal measure.  And she knew the words, slightly odd really (does she sneak into the car when no one’s looking and put it on?).

Anyway Tilly started to echo Eliza’s words.  So I had Johnny kicking off with Eliza and Tilly giving him some worthy backing vocals. I chipped in too of course, thinking it was fair game and anyone could play. Not so.

“No Mummy. Stop singing!”

Thanks girls. I know my place. I am but the driver, the putter of food on the table, the personal stylist, the nappy changer (still!!), but I am not and never will be able to join in with my girls singing, which is a shame because I rather enjoy a sing-along.

Life’s not fair. 


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