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Time changes nothing when it comes to the real stuff.

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a GBF with whom I spend occasional short holidays or just the odd night in town when he’s back from his jet set life style. I’ve known Jonathan for over 10 years, we worked together, we played together, but mostly we just got on with life together. 

So as it happens Jonathan and I are having one of our few and very far between weekends together this weekend.

So Holly lost her flow. It’s Jonathan writing. Holly losing her flow is odd. Let me tell you why. Up until, say, three years ago I was the online content person, I blogged I social network’d and all that jazz. Then I kinda slowed down. About a year later I happened upon this blog and was blown away by what she had acheived. Almost in isolation. A book, a blog – now a busines.. 2 children, a job. All these things.

These things are amazing acheivements. They blow my mind. I always knew she was brilliant. I never doubted that for one second. But this explosion of creativity, real talent and most of all a sense of confidence to share the good (and sometimes the bad) in an expressive format that’s so grippingly honest only underpins my belief that she is a truly truly madly deeply creative, passionate artist. Her content is compelling, her business acumen has come of out of the blue and her future can only be brilliant.

But for me, most of all, why I’m here tonight spending the GPD of a small European country (not Greece) is that through all of that change she’s remained the same caring, loving, funny honest and open person that I not only want to see when I can (which is much less than it should be) but want to see. I adore her and am enjoying every minute tonight. Just like I did over 10 years ago and none of those feelings have ever changed.


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