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Hallmark Story Buddy “Cooper” Review

My girls love a story.  We’ve read to them from a very early age, in fact I was reading them “Peepo” when they were about 6 months old because the rhythm of the verse was quite soporific. As such they are story addicts. We negotiate most nights about the amount of stories they can have.  Eliza’s allowed three but wants four and Tilly would happily have about ten.  As mean as it sounds I have to ration them in this way because there’s only so many times I can read the same stories and have the same questions asked before I go slightly insane.  See here for the evidence of this.

So anyway it was with great delight that I offered to review the Hallmark Story Buddy.  ”Cooper” is a lovely cuddly bear who sits with you and your little one whilst you read the story, Cooper’s Big Bear Hug.  But Cooper’s not your average bear, he doesn’t just sit there looking cute and fluffy, he actually joins in.  By some magic of technical wizardry Cooper will respond to your voice at certain points in the story.   As you can imagine for two little girls of 2 and 4 this is really quite incredible and the look on their faces is enough to make me want to read Cooper’s story several times over.  Which is even more incredible frankly.

The girls obviously wanted Cooper to ‘talk’ to them and after Tilly and I had left Eliza’s room, where we read the story, I could hear her chatting to him, and waiting, and chatting and waiting and then finally falling asleep.

I think this is a lovely gift idea because it’s a slightly different twist on the traditional bedtime story.  I’m also a sucker for stories that are about finding ways to tell Mummy how much you love her.  Call me shallow but I’ll take any excuse I can get for a cuddle.

I don’t think Cooper will usurp Milo as her favourite stuffed toy but he’s running a close second right now, in fact I think Milo might have to up his game and start singing or something otherwise the talking bear will knock him off the top spot.

Story Buddies are £19.99 and as well as Cooper there’s Watson the Racoon and look out for others coming soon.


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