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Sleep deprivation #552

Not much goes on in the world at 5am.  Most normal people are asleep, Mabel’s nowhere to be seen (of course), even the birds seem to be asleep. It’s dark, like proper night time dark and it’s cold too without the superficial warmth of the central heating. One might say it was not a very nice time to be awake, in fact if you didn’t have to be why would you? But for one little girl (one of many I imagine) it’s the very best time to be awake. And why keep this fun all to yourself when you have a mummy who’s just dying to join in?

Eliza was ill yesterday, so she didn’t go to nursery and no doubt slept much of the day, but she bounced back last night with the speed only a 4 year old can. Right as rain she was, ticketyboo. She had about a million stories, the casualty of bedtime duties falling between mum and dad. I was late home from work so him indoors had made a start on bedtime. Needless to say she wasn’t actually asleep until about 8.30. So you would think that this would make her tired wouldn’t you? In fact every other night this week she’s woken up in the night, woken me up but then slept until I’ve left the house at 7am. This morning I’m at home because I’m going to visit a school and I naively thought this late night might result in another later morning. Maybe I’d get an extra hour to file down my frazzled edges.

But it didn’t. Of course.

At 4.30am  it started. She’d dropped Milo out of her bed. Then at 4.45 am she needed a wee. Then at 5am she’d given up on sleep declaring she wasn’t tired.

“But it’s 5 in the morning. It’s still sleep time, go back to sleep. Please.”

“But Mummy you said it’s morning.”

“I meant it’s too early to get up, now go back to sleep.”

“But I can’t.”

And all I could see above the duvet was my little girl, with her cute fringe framing her beautiful face and I thought to myself that I just don’t see enough of that little face and so I caved in, as all good mothers do.  We went downstairs and watched telly, I slept a bit on the sofa and was woken every second minute to answer a question about the rain, or the garden, or the trees, or why squirrels can’t fly, just the usual stuff.

At about 7.30am I did what all good sleep deprived mothers do.  I started crashing around the house loudly to wake up any lucky people who were still asleep.

Why should Eliza be the only one to enjoy doing that?



  1. you should have called, libby has adopted a new wake up time of 5.30am, we get to spend so much time together, it is just lovely! *falls aslepp whilst typing*

  2. I can only laugh at this in the hysterical fashion of one who achieved a whole four hours of sleep last night. Now the nursery run is over I’m off to bed because that is how I roll!!

  3. This is what the Bad Night Coffee Club is about (#badnightcoffeeclub). There are always parents on Twitter in the same situation that you can share your woes with (in between dozing) those 5:30am starts are a killer – no matter how cute the kid is!

  4. Oh it is like that in my house every morning, Maxi at nearly 7 still gets up at 5am! Bring on the teenage years

  5. Poor you!
    I’m sitting here having not been able to sleep for a few days. you should have given me a call!

  6. I had probably just got back to sleep at that point – woken up at 4am from a bad dream about an ogre! Here’s hoping you have a better one tonight and that E gets better -HMx

  7. Enjoyed this post as can relate to all aspects!! x

  8. I’ve been tempted more than once to try natural sleep aids. We just have to enjoy these times, no matter how sleep-depriving they are!

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