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11 things about Christmas

The girls were playing a Christmas game last night.  It involved Eliza being Father Christmas and Tilly being a reindeer.  She was, in fact, Daisy the Black Nosed Reindeer.  Of course she was.  They were both cantering about on an empty wrapping paper roll singing jingle bells.  I think it’s fair to say they have entered into the spirit of Christmas.

Father Christmas has been talked up a lot in our house, mainly due to his ingenious ‘naughty or nice list’ which is a piece of parenting gold that I’d challenge any expert to improve upon (“Please don’t hit your little sister or you’ll be on the naughty list, lazy but effective it must be said.)

But I realised yesterday evening as I was wrapping up presents that maintaining their belief in a mysterious old bloke with a beard and a red suit is rather a responsibility.
I was wrapping all the presents in the same paper.  Until it occurred to me that the ones from me and him indoors would look the same as the ones from the big man.  Would they figure that out? Is their reasoning ability developed enough? Am I destroying their belief before they are even 5? So I thought about unwrapping all the ones from FC and using different paper.  At which point I thought I had finally gone mad.  I had loads more wrapping to do and frankly I was going to miss Have I Got News for You if I rewrapped a load more.  They’re children, they barely notice the paper before it’s ripped off.

Earlier that night when I was putting Eliza to bed, she said she didn’t want stories.

“I want to talk about Christmas please Mummy.  11 things about Christmas.  I’ll go first.”

“Ok, but after 11 things you must brush your teeth and then it’s bed okay?” (I don’t miss a beat on laying down my expectations, Eliza is a child of routine.)

“Ok Mummy.  Father Christmas comes and leaves lots of presents for children and their little sisters and then the children play with them all day.”  Said with the biggest smile possible.

“Ok, that’s one.  My turn.  Christmas is a time when we must remember how lucky we are to have all the people we love with us.” Sanctimonious moi?

“Yes. And in the night when Father Christmas comes, there’s normally a big bang on the roof and that’s his sleigh.”

“Yep”, or the chimney we haven’t yet had repaired has finally fallen off, but let’s keep positive, “and Christmas is very special because it’s when the baby Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem.”

“I didn’t know that Mummy, but I do know a song about it, shall I sing it?”


And so started her beautiful rendition of Away in a Manger.  I nearly cried, it was perfect.  She is perfect.

The list continued.  I valiantly continued to try and explain what Christmas was all about, some of it went in no doubt and will be played back to me at some random time.

All I want for Christmas is an uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Could be a bit optimistic. I’d settle for two happy children and the Downton Abbey Christmas special with a glass of port and some nice cheese.

Happy Christmas.




  1. Merry christmas holls


  2. May you and your lovely family have a fabulous time at Christmas xxx

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