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The thing about glitter

Before I had children I imagined happy days making things from old cereal boxes, creating perfect potato cut outs for my well-behaved and well-coordinated children to print perfect pictures on rainy afternoons. We’d sit happily with the paint, glue and glitter and create priceless works of art that would be become life long memories.  Of course if it wasn’t raining we’d be outside planting things or searching for acorns or other treasures in the garden.

Don’t get me wrong we do do this. A lot as it happens.  I just never accounted for the mess.  Or the fact that glitter gets everywhere and never seems to go up the hoover like all the other dust. Why not? Is it because it is, in fact, fairy dust and therefore surrounds my perfect children like a cloak? I have hoovered about 10 times since Christmas day (and I’m not obsessively clean honestly, I just CAN’T STAND glitter) and still I see the sofa glittering at me or the ancient rug on the living room floor brought to life by a stray speck of the stuff.

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Tinkerbell – Tilly’s favourite
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When I was about 21 I bought a body lotion that claimed to have ‘light reflecting particles’ in it, these, it claimed,  would make your legs look thinner.  Even back then I was a sucker for marketing so I bought it. I found out to my horror that light reflecting particles are basically glitter and far from making my legs look thinner I looked like an escapee from the set of Boogie Nights, and back then let me tell you the 80′s were not cool, we’d only just come out of the god forsaken decade, no one needed reminding of it.

So this morning when the girls were playing with their new doll’s house (Eliza plays with the upstairs, Tilly downstairs and if you believe in that kind of sibling harmony then you have a lot to learn), I looked in on them, between cooking the ham we didn’t cook over Christmas and contemplating some new curtains for the dining room, and far from being warmed with the sight of my two girls playing happily together I could feel the familiar anxiety reaching in and leading me to the hoover.

For there on the floor between Tilly and the little wooden oven was a lone piece of glitter.  Such is my obsession I removed both children,  put all the toys back in the dolls house and hoovered. Again.

The weird thing is I bought them some glitter based craft gifts for Christmas. It’s fun doing it with them and truth be told I quite enjoy making and decorating stuff with them.  Even Tilly’s got the hang of it.  Although most things with Tilly are likened to an animal of some sort, so we have many glittering Tigers or Toucans (her current favourite).

And so while it’s fun for the girls and it creates that magical image I had before I had them then I guess I’ll just have to keep on dealing with my inner glitter demon and putting the hoover to good use.



  1. I too love crafting etc but the mess freaks me out. Spud is only 2 and loves sticking etc but it ends up so messy and he touches EVERYTHING with his sticky fingers.

  2. Can I suggest a dust buster? or the Dyson Animal you can suck the bits of glitter around the kids without having to remove them! LOL Happy New Year

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