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Just another morning

I was sailing on a wooden boat, well not exactly sailing, more lying down with the sun on my face and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Against the boat. It was very peaceful. For a while. But then the bubble burst.

“Mummy is it morning?”

“No darling. It’s still nighttime, go back to bed.” I said that still semi conscious (at 5am) because if I’d been lucid I would have realised the futility of it. She’s never once taken herself back to bed because I asked her to in fact she’s never once done anything because I asked her to come to think of it. And no sooner had the words left my mouth than the protest began.


“No, it’s night time.” I have actually learnt nothing about being a parent these past 4 years. Clearly.

NO IT’S MORNING MUMMY!” she’s not just shouting the words she’s angry too. ¬†Angry with me for daring to suggest its night time and angry at me for some other thing I dont really know about.

And so I take her back to her room, and I know that what I should do, what a proper mother who understands children would do, is put her in her bed and walk out again, and do that about 65,000 times until she learns that night time is for sleeping but I don’t of course. I don’t want her to wake Tilly with her screaming and then have two of them to deal with. So I get in to bed with her. She kicks me and her hair tickles my face and she grinds her teeth and talks to her self and I know that I won’t get back to sleep. But I can feel her next to me, her hot little body in my arms and I think, ah well it could be worse.

In fact tilly was up at a normal time today and she had clearly found the right side of the bed to get out of. She was lovely. And as I sat on the sofa with her, playing with her glove puppet unicorn with her she said,

“I love you so much,” with a great big beaming smile she then proceeded to launch herself at me in a full frontal cuddle (similar to a rugby tackle as it happens).

“I love you so much too.”

“I love you so much three.”

“I love you so much four.” Not sure where this was going, would we get to 100?

“Quick mummy I need to get on an aeroplane with my heart coat!” said in a very urgent whisper. But that’s Tilly for you. Completely nuts but utterly delightful.



  1. I feel muhc the same way about sleeping with Bigger every night – if I don’t get to see her during the day at least I get snuggles overnight and that’s better than nothing

  2. A charming tail, makes the heart melt x

  3. That’s lovely, I love it when kids say things like that/cuddle/kiss when you haven’t prompted them too!

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