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Sunshiney optimism

Clearly I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t dedicate a blog post to the weather. It’s a big deal isn’t it? Sunday felt like the start of Spring, in fact according to my girls today was warm enough to get the paddling pool out. I thought that on balance the overly enthusiastic plant watering was probably enough exposure to just-above-freezing-water, so resisted the whining that followed.

Tilly likes to mix and match her footwear

But we did get the tenty-tunnelly things out and they had hours of fun (well about 1/2 hour) chasing each other, then playing “cafe ladies” inside as they transferred pretend wooden food from the Wendy house to the tunnelly things.

Pure happiness

It was a lovely day, the edge was slightly taken off it by my monstrous hangover, courtesy of a wedding I went to on Saturday which was an awful lot of fun. But you always pay for an awful lot of fun don’t you? I think you pay double when you have two little girls who have missed you and just want you on 120% energy. That’s tough at the best of times, but when metabolising a litre of gin it’s nigh on impossible.  But still I had an excellent time and the hangover is now a distant memory but the day itself is not.  Which is how it should be.

So the world is a far better place when the sun is shining.  Tilly was busy making ‘chocolate water’ today in the garden, I later noticed that that had involved digging up most of the bed that Eliza and I had planted the bulbs in a few weeks ago.  Oh well. Tilly was happy.  Her coat and everything she was wearing was covered in chocolate water and so was the kitchen floor after she excitedly ran in to show me her creation.

She was asleep on the sofa by 6pm, clearly digging up the garden is exhausting work. I’m guessing it will be an early morning tomorrow.


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