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Summer holidays

This year we are going to France. This is the first time the girls’ will have been out of the UK in their short lives, which reminds me I must get them passports, I’m bound to forget. Until now I’ve not felt brave enough which is pathetic really.  I know people who have been taking their children on aeroplanes since they were about 3 months old, people who have family abroad and do it regularly. But I don’t. In fact him indoors and I are not big travellers.  I think we were before we were married, he certainly was, but we’re pretty strong advocates of the ‘staycation’. In fact half our honeymoon was spent walking in the Yorkshire Dales staying in a rather remote ruin of a castle (to be clear the bit we were in wasn’t actually a ruin – that would have taken the romantic idea of sleeping under the stars to a new level – but it wasn’t a full on massive castle either.)

So when I was given the chance to go on holiday to a lovely place in Brittany with my family thanks to Siblu Villages, holiday parks for ‘luxurious camping’ I did think about it.  For about 10 seconds. But it looks perfect for us. A week in France, near the sea, with loads for the kids to do; the pool, the watersides, the beach and also kids clubs, and some time to be together as a family.  Something I’ve been hankering after for months now. I think the girls are at an age where they’ll really enjoy it and remember it.  I think I’m at an age now where that’s all that really matters.

Les Pierres Couchees, Brittany, Siblu Villages

We discussed how we were going to get there; Eliza and I strongly in favour of flying (shorter journey time for me, more of an adventure for her).  The ferry has obvious benefits (take all your stuff in the car etc) but we weren’t convinced that “Jenny”, our car, would make it and we’d be screwed if she broke down. Picture the scene, two little girls cooped up in the car for hours while we await roadside assistance. Me slowly losing the will to live and him indoors trying to find the nearest Auberge.  We decided on flying.

If you read this regularly you’ll know Eliza is very inquisitive, and very chatty.  Which led to this conversation in the car (on the way to Grandma’s in Birmingham on Friday):

“Mummy is France a different country?”

“Yes sweetheart.”

“Mummy. Do you know that you have to eat snails in France?”

“Well you don’t have to eat them darling, only if you want to.”

“But you don’t have to eat slugs.” Completely ignoring me.

“That’s good.”

“You do eat slugs Eliza.”  Tilly putting in her twopenneth worth.

“No Tilly. You don’t. You eat snails, but you don’t eat their shells.”

“No. That would be disgusting.” Me.

“Crabs have shells!”  Thanks Tilly.

“You eat crabs shells Mummy.”  Really Eliza?

“Well you don’t eat the shells darling, they are rather hard.”

“Well you eat the claws then, so there!”

“Maybe.” I know it’s not worth it.

“You don’t eat the claws Eliza.”  Tilly again.

“You do Tilly. Look there’s a dog in a car!”  Said Eliza, my 4 year old mimic.  Tilly duly looked for said dog.

“You don’t eat claws.” Tilly doesn’t let go easily (bit like me I’m afraid).

“Yes you do. Mummy Tilly said you don’t eat the claws but you do.”

“Maybe. Right who wants to stop for a wee?”

So we are going to France, we will not be eating slugs, but we might be eating crabs claws.

Can’t wait.



  1. Awwww so cute, hope you have a fab holiday when the ties comes x

  2. Sounds fab, those parks are a godsend for families, you’ll have a ball! x

  3. I have for this very reason not got passports for the twins…..another staycation for me this year xx enjoy your trip to France.

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