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Lately a lot of things, actually a lot of people are ‘scary’ to Eliza and therefore it naturally follows that they are to Tilly too (not sure she really knows why but her big sister sets dictates they are so that’s that).  It’s been a bit of a challenge recently since friend’s will come over and she runs behind my legs and says they’re scary (the friends not my legs). It’s a bit embarrassing. She even does it with Grandpa so I know it’s not real, it’s just something she’s heard.

It’s more of a problem as we continue to try and sort our our childcare situation.  It’s been pretty chaotic over the past few weeks and far, far from ideal and it’s definitely had an affect on the girls’ behaviour. In fact I’m fairly sure that the inconsistency in carers has led to this insecurity.  Which is good because I was looking for another stick to beat myself with and now I’ve found it. Handy.

Anyway this morning whilst I was making them pancakes, with the rain lashing against the windows I was thinking about the plants we bought yesterday and how I wanted to get them in today:

“Shall we plant our flowers today girls? It’s only raining a bit.” Ever the optimist.

“No Mummy, this weather is scary.”

“Really? It’s just a bit rainy darling, not really scary.” Then it occurred to me that it might be a good time to talk about ‘scary’.

“What do you think is scary?”

“Monsters are, and witches.” Said Eliza

“Ok, yes they are quite scary I suppose.”

“Dragons are scary.” Said Tilly, thinking about it.

“Yes Dragons probably are a bit scary.”I concurred.

“And dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were scary.” Eliza said and Tilly agreed.

“Stegasoruses are scary.” Tilly announced.

“Well yes Tilly I should think they were. Well done.” How does she know this?

“Yes because they have spikes on their backs that keep them cool.”  Eliza added to Tilly’s efforts.

“Right well all those things are scary, but you won’t ever meet any of those things so it’s okay.”

They thought about it and went back to eating their pancakes (they ate loads by the way – great breakfast), but then Eliza, always one to have the last word, said,

“Zombies Mummy.  Zombies are scary.”

And as ever I am left unable to disagree with her absolute certainty, whilst I trawl through my brain trying to think about when she would have heard about zombies.  Last time I looked CBeebies wasn’t creating pre-school horror flicks, but maybe I’ve missed something.

The winner of the How to Con Your Kid competition is…

Mama and more.  Your name was drawn from the plastic cup. Well done.  I’ll dm to get your address. xx



  1. Are you sure it isn’t Cbeebies? Bigger has discovered zombies too….

  2. Scary stuff! ‘Scary’ in our house somehow became a catch-all word for anything Gilby didn’t like. Broccoli, for example, might be ‘scary’. On a par with zombies, I reckon.

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