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My Luxury Item

In any partnership where young children are involved there’s most probably a tacit agreement that time on one’s own is something of a luxury item. It’s not that we don’t love our little ones and find great joy in the laughter, the (endless) questions, the funny things they say, the mimicry of carpet cleaner adverts, the singing, the dancing (why are kids so good at that?) and the tantrums (actually not those, I can’t find a nice thing to say about those). But every now and then we need time out. I’ve been known to sit on the naughty step for a few minutes to get myself together.

So my luxury item? At the moment it’s running. Weird isn’t it?  Surely it should be beauty treatments or shopping or something altogether more relaxing. I do, after all, complain almost constantly about how I never get a decent night’s sleep. But it is actually quite relaxing. In a strange sort of way. And it’s good for my heart and soul.

Yesterday I did another race, I say race in a rather loose sense.  Inevitably Eliza and now Tilly both ask me if I won and they lose interest when I say no I didn’t it’s the taking part that counts (valuable life lesson I am teaching them, what a great mother).

“Mummy, where did you run to?” Eliza asked me when I got back.

“I ran all around the countryside and it was very pretty. And very hilly.”

“But Mummy, why did you run?”

“Because it was a race. And I enjoy it.”

“Mummy look at me, I’m a butterfly!” Oh hello Tilly.

“You’re a very beautiful butterfly darling. Can you fly?”

“No Mummy, I’m not a real butterfly, I’m a Tilly.”  Of course you are my gorgeous girl.

And then we moved on to getting ready for the third birthday party of the weekend.  And my great achievement of running 10 very hilly (I mean really bloody hilly) miles in 1 hour and 43 minutes was filed away under ‘personal achievements’ and forgotten.  Which is why I’m writing about it here I suppose.

It was a very beautiful course, I stopped a couple of times to take pictures which tells you everything you need to know about my racing spirit I suppose.  But during the run, when we were at the top of a very big hill and there was a particularly lovely view I heard another runner tell his friend he had to stop to ‘take a picture for the blog’ and I thought that was a rather good idea.  The weather was grey so they don’t do the view justice of course.

View from the Denbies 10 mile race

The start of yet another hill…

Now I have rather achy legs, which is actually a very good feeling indeed.



  1. I just started running as my ‘mummy treat’ too! I am doing it partly because I need to loose baby weight (3 stone eeek!) but also because it really makes my body and soul feel refreshed! Definitely a great way to clear the mind too :) x

  2. Good for you! You’ll shift the weight in no time and as you say it’s such a great way to clear the head x

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