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The Fabulous Toucan Box

I’m not normally one to encourage getting the glue and glitter out, actually the mere mention of the word glitter sends my pulse racing and glue is just well, sticky. But I can sort of live with it as long as paint doesn’t become involved too. Once paint joins the party the gloves are well and truly off. Paint is like the friend who persuades you to have one more drink, go on it’ll be a laugh, doesn’t matter that you have small children who’ll wake you at dawn, go on stay for one more. You like them at the time but the following morning you want to hunt them down and kill them. In a slow and painful way.

And so with this in mind whilst I was excited about the opportunity to trial the Toucan Box I was apprehensive too.  I really liked the concept.  The box arrives once a month and in it there are lots of fun crafty things to do with your children. Sort of veg box for the perfect mother.  Ideal for me, clearly.  So I said yes I’d be delighted to try it.  Because I meant it. And I love that it’s a company started by a mum who wanted to develop her own business because she saw a good opportunity.

The box is a thing of beauty. Crap picture. sorry.

But when it arrived in all it’s beautifully packaged glory I opened it carefully (it really is a beautiful thing, with my girls’ names on it too – lovely touch) and saw all the lovely things. The colouring pencils, the lolly sticks, the polystyrene eggs (stay with me) the GLITTER (oh help) and the glue (I’m starting to close the box) and the, wait for it, PAINT (box slammed shut.).  I felt awful because I LOVE the idea so much but I couldn’t go through with it. It arrived amidst a horrible time when everything in life was a bit shit and I just couldn’t cope with paint everywhere too.

Some of the goodies inside.


Today I felt ready.  Like what the heck lets give it a go girls!  That kind of ready.

And do you know what? It was bloody brilliant.  Eliza LOVED it. We made the glittery peacock which involved cutting, sticking, gluing and glittering and I managed it all without a drink or pharmaceutical aids.  Tilly loved colouring in the Toucan because Tilly is obsessed with Toucans (obviously).  But it’s so much more too.  There’s a family of birds you make using the polystyrene eggs as bodies and heads, there’s a bird glider, a bird table (a theme here), theres lots of colouring pages too and a gorgeous story book as well.  It’s an amazing concept and my girls and I really thoroughly enjoyed what we did today.  We will go back to the box again many times and do all the crafty things and then we will beg Toucan Box to send us another one.

Making the Peacock (beak’s a bit big, my fault)

What I loved is that it’s so easy. Everything is included so all you need is scissors and a table and the imagination to make it happen. It’s exciting for the kids too because they get to open it and explore all the lovely things before they start making it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow (so Dads could do this too…). This kind of thing, discovery, making, creating and having fun doing it are so important for all of us, not just the kids.  It’s time to focus on the moment and let all the other crap disappear from your brain for a while. It’s actually the most perfect time I spend with my girls.

Here’s the website www.toucanbox.com.  Go visit.  I think it’s a wonderful idea for a birthday present too.  You could just order it and have it arrive on the day (just warn the parents clearly).  It’s ideal for Eliza, she’s 4 and a half, Tilly’s a bit little at just 3 last week but still had fun.  But I imagine around 5 would be perfect for some of the more intricate tasks involved.

Thank you Toucan Box, definitely one of the best things I’ve been asked to review.



  1. I am officially envious.

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