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My Dad

It is Father’s Day today, as you probably know if you live anywhere near civilisation.  Now I’m pretty sure that when we were little my Dad dismissed Father’s Day as an Americanism that had found it’s way to our shores in a way similar to Trick or Treating, McDonalds or mispronunciation of the word harassed.  But similar to all those things, and many more (Starbucks for god’s sake) we have accepted it and it is now another excuse for Hallmark to sell cards.

But it’s quite a nice day for me and my sisters.  It’s a good excuse to tell our Dad how great he is, because he is. Honestly we are very lucky daughters.

Him indoors has had an injury for the past several weeks, pretty bad actually involving surgery and bandages and blood being drained and other stuff that makes me queasy.  It’s also meant that all those jobs that he does I’ve been doing.  Except the lawn.  I tried to mow the lawn a few weeks ago but ended up pulling the starter motor string thingy about 50 times and ending up hot, bothered with an arm almost out of its socket and frankly pissed off with the whole thing.  When I did eventually figure out that you had put the clutch on and I did manage to spark the starter I mowed about two rows and it promptly died.  Not my thing.  I couldn’t shake the memory of the Madmen episode (season two perhaps?) when the English ad man gets his foot mown. Horrible.

I’ll put out the bins, do endless gardening, get new brake lights for the car but the mower defeated me.  So what did I do?  I called my Dad of course. Like I call him whenever I need practical help.  Because my Dad has never and will never let me down.  Even when he’s on a zimmer frame (which he won’t be because he cycles about 100 miles a week) he’ll come over and fix a cupboard or put up a curtain rail or mend something random like the doll’s house front door or fix a puncture or repair my parasol (for the garden table, not for my promenade along the seafront).  He just gets on and Does Stuff.  So now I have a beautifully mown lawn and a neat hedge into the bargain.

So today when we all got together ostensibly for my birthday (which is on Tuesday by the way) it was as much for me as for my Dad. The girls played happily with their cousins and the children of our friends and we all enjoyed a very nice afternoon together.  Of course all the sun and playing had the added benefit of completely exhausting the girls giving me a very quiet Sunday night.

Just one good day can make so much difference. Particularly when it’s not pissing with rain and freezing cold. Gotta love the British Summer time.



  1. Funnily enough, my dad is the the one that gets called when something needs fixing. He had the stairgate installed within an hour when The Boy started crawling.

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