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Something for me: Avon Anew

As a mummy blogger I very rarely get asked to review anything that is actually for me.  Apart from the lovely girls at Mint Velvet, who asked me to be one of their ‘mums on the go’ and try out some of their utterly gorgeous clothes that is.  I heart them. A lot.

And now Avon. As the very nice PR lady said in her note to me ‘I know you’re not a beauty blogger but we want opinions of real women‘. Well I’m very real. Extremely real. The sort of real who never wears make up at the weekend because wearing it means having to take it off (of course I break this rule if I’m going out or seeing people who aren’t under 5 years old), the sort of real who cycles to the station in all weathers and ends up with frizzy ‘straightened’ hair. And the sort of real who’s beauty regime consists of a make up removing wipe and a supermarket moisturiser.

However I am now seriously doubting the this routine is doing me any favours.  Possibly I need to start giving mother nature a bit of help in keeping me youthful. When Eliza asked me if I was 58 this evening, that was a bit of a tipping point.

So luckily for me I have been sent a “VIP” set of the brand spanking new anti-ageing product from Avon ANEW, it’s called Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33.  It’s inspired by Nobel prize winning research so it must be good. The A-F33 molecule is the biggest innovation in skincare since the discovery of AHA’s (which were pretty good so I’m told, in fact I might just be catching on to those now).  It is a lightweight serum and when used twice daily was shown clinically to help reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles. I’m game.

I’m trialling it over the next 28 days. I’m rather excited about the prospect of seeing the results of something that is described by Avon as “game changing”. I’ll keep you posted.

The Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment is available in September 2012 from www.OnlyFromAvon.co.uk

Thank you Avon!


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