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The Dress

We went to a wedding at the weekend, it was a very special wedding.  Not only were the people getting married very lovely people, the groom being a very old friend of him indoor’s, but many of our friends were there. It was a great opportunity to get together with everyone and for the first time in a long time do that without the children.  Everyone needs to let their hair down every now and then and we certainly did this weekend. 
Actually him indoors let his down so much on Saturday night (the wedding was on Sunday) that he gave Rapunzel a run for her money, but the less said about that the better.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  We got to visit the Peak District and go for a a very beautiful walk together on Friday, we got utterly soaked and I was reminded of my rather mediocre map reading skills when we found ourselves desperately seeking a ‘grassy zig-zaggy path’. Why are walk books always so misleading?  I had the same issue on our honeymoon (part of which was in the Yorkshire dales, walking).  
Of course the bride’s dress was beautiful, she looked stunning, 

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