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Does technology make you a better mum?

I ask because according to a press release from McCann Truth Central 67% of us think it does, this is closer to 90% in China and India.  The study published last week says that 40% of online mums write a blog and that these blogs are fundamental to the Mum Economy where knowledge and expertise have become vital currency.

In fact so important is technology that 49% of married mums would give up their engagement ring over their personal technology. Not sure I’d go quite that far. As much as I love my devices I’m fairly sure they’re more easily replaceable than the ring I chose.

What the report also covers is happiness, and some reassuring stats were uncovered.  Apparently 65% of us are rejecting the ‘myth’ of Supermum. It’s not just me then.

But as I read it I was wondering how these two things are linked.  I was wondering if it’s because those of us that turn to technology; the internet, advice from other mums in the form of blogs, or twitter for a question about what to do when your child swallows a handful of chilli seeds, are actually realists. We know we don’t know it all and our devices help us find someone who does know it pretty quickly.  Not sure this makes us better mothers, but it helps makes us more resourceful, which is after all one of our greatest qualities.

As much as I’d love the idea of living in a little cottage in a tiny village with roses climbing up the wall and nothing but the sound of a nightingale to accompany the laughter of my children, I’m aware that this is unattainable. In today’s world kids will grow up with technology. Both my girls use my iPad more than I do, both try and swipe the screen of my laptop with their fingers and both watch tv. This is a natural fact of growing up in these times. I’m accepting of it.  But more than that I believe that if used in the right way and at the right times it’s actually really helpful. Just because I didn’t have this when I was little doesn’t make it wrong.  When I was little we didn’t have car seats either but no one says they’re a bad invention.

I’m not much of a geek but I do get excited about new devices and new apps that help make my life better and frankly anything that helps me be a better parent has my backing.

But the BIG drawback to technology is the drain on time. When I had Eliza I spent a lot of time online looking for information, I was permanently on Mumsnet (until I got criticised and ran as fast I could through hyperspace to escape the bullies). But that was it. I was taking information away.  But now I contribute to the content that other mothers and new mothers are searching for. I know from a brief look at my analytics that my posts on dummies are some of the most read. The practical advice posts I write are the real winners, not the wistful laments on being a mother or the conversations I have with my girls.  But I still write them and this takes time. Too much time? Maybe.

What do you think? Is technology helping you be a better mum or just taking up too much of your time?


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