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Can Wishes Come True?

Just lately Tilly thinks 5.30am is a great time to get up.  5.30am is the new black, it’s rock ‘n roll, it’s the thing all the cool 3 year olds are doing this month.  She jumps out of bed and comes smiling into my room, her crazy baby-not-quite-little-girl hair forms a halo around her beautiful head as I see her in the doorway. She declares loudly that it’s “morning mummy!”  and when I protest she goes and opens my curtains, points at the bright day outside to prove her point and looks at me confused.

“But it is morning Mummy, look!” As if that makes it all okay to be up at such an ungodly hour.

And because Tilly is Tilly and her innocence has an other-wordly quality to it and her smiling face makes me glad to be alive I smile back and say,

“Of course it is minnie, let’s go and get some milk”.

I think the supernanny, baby whisperer, contented baby brigade would have some rules for keeping children in bed longer, but I don’t.  Although I’d like them to wake after 6am, it’s a hiding to nothing hoping they will.  They are children, the day is exciting, life is a big adventure.  Wow. Do you remember what that felt like? Not sure I do.

But my children remind me every day. Every single day I’m with them I am reminded of the glory of being a child, of believing that the world is all about you, that your little patch of ground is the only patch that matters. I’m reminded how exciting it is to learn a new word, to string a complicated sentence together (and let’s face it we all have trouble with them sometimes) and of the pride you feel when you learn to do something new.   I’m reminded of the power of dreams and of wishes.

On Sunday we went to the beach, after a longish journey we arrived at West Wittering. It was glorious. The sun was out and so was most of Britain. It felt like a proper old school British summer’s day. Everyone on the beach, in the sea and the sand.  Tilly rolled about in the sand approximately 3 seconds after being covered in suncream. She wore the sand all day and all night as it happened.

Eliza and I were wandering off for a paddle before we left for the day when she said to me, “Mummy my wishes haven’t come true yet.”  I probably should have asked what those wishes were but I’m not one to let an opportunity for parental guidance go by.

“Well darling to make wishes come true you need to work really hard and stay focussed.” She’s 4, I realize how ridiculous this is.

“Oh.” she looked confused.

“What are your wishes?”  Time to be a proper mother.

“I want to be a Princess.  And maybe a doctor.”

“Well to be a Princess you need to marry a Prince so that might be tricky, but to be a doctor you need to work hard and stay focussed which you will be able to do.”

“Ok.”  Then she cajoled me into a running race through the shallow water, she’s pretty fast actually. I noticed that my daughter appeared to be the only child completely naked.  The glory of youth.

Then we wandered back to Tilly and him indoors who were packing up our things, well he was, Tilly was rolling around in the sand. We walked back to the car and packed the kids in, we had bags of crisps and biscuits for supper and the girls fell asleep covered in sand, salt and suncream as we drove home.

A perfect day really.  This is what I hold onto at 5.30am. This is what I hold onto when I’m drowning in stress hormones and anxiety.  This is really what my life is all about.  And it won’t last long, soon they’ll lose that innocence.

Long may it last I guess.



  1. Lovely post, makes me think back to when I thought nothing of getting up in the middle of the night when i thought it was a new day. No such thing now!

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