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Coming Home

A few things happened over the last few days.

1. I went on my much longed for ‘meet in the middle’ break with my best friend Jonathan.  We went to Dubai for 3 days (he lives in Singapore), it was approximately 5000 degrees in the shade and walking to the pool was so tiring I just had to lie down on a sun lounger and sip a mojito.  I was well and truly spoiled. Utterly. It was fantastic. Thank you Jonathan, you are very special.

2.  Him indoors took the girls camping in Pembrokeshire. It was approximately 15 degrees when the sun made an appearance and at 4am on Sunday morning my husband was re-pegging the tent in the midst of a howling gale.  Causing Eliza to ask “is there meant to be water inside the tent Daddy?”.  They had an amazing time, I can only guess at how knackered he now is, but from the pictures he sent me it was pretty fantastic.  The girls are full of excited stories about camping, the friends they made (they went with 2 of my husband’s friends and their kids) and the details of a camping lantern.

3.  I hadn’t realised until today that him indoors was the only father on his own.  He was christened Super Dad and frankly I can see why.  That is pretty damn impressive.

4. I realised how much I need these short breaks away, to just do very little but laugh, talk, relax and okay drink quite a bit (I’m not used to it you know). I also realised how much I miss my girls. As if I needed reminding.

I was putting Eliza to bed tonight and she said that I was very bossy and always got to make the rules (which is completely not how I see our relationship, she is most definitely the boss).

“Well if that’s the case darling, what would you like to tell me to do?” As I stroked her hair and she cuddled Milo.

“I’d like you to stay with me all night Mummy and never go.”

“What if I need the loo?” Eliza is very practical and she likes these sort of questions.

“It doesn’t matter Mummy, you can do it in the bed.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“We’ll just put a towel over it.” Practical see?

When you’ve done nothing but what you want for 3 days, got waited on hand and foot and generally treated like a princess (Jonathan is rather wonderful), this kind of conversation is the best way to come back down to earth. It’s a nice soft landing.

Tilly on the other hand covered me with cuddles at every opportunity and told me her favourite joke before bedtime (where do fish keep their money Mummy? Oh I don’t know where? In the river bank. Ha ha ha, big cuddle.)

I like coming home.



  1. Your girls sound very clever and very lovely. And oh for a weekend in Dubai!

  2. Vanessa Godsal says:

    I completey agree that weekends away are so important to do just as you say, not much and to remember who you are. Plus you deserve it! I have these every other weekend – one of the benefits of divorce ; ) They also make you appreciate home and what you have more than ever, down to earth with soft landings rock. Just make sure you stick to this annual pilgrimage to Dubai, it’s invaluable. x


  1. [...] with my friend Jonathan who lives in Singapore (I’ve written about our escapades before and indeed he has too), I arrived back late last night. It was everything it was intended to be; [...]

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