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Review: The Fairy Tower from Dolls Houses

We recently reviewed the beautiful ‘Fairy Tower‘ from the family run business Dolls Houses . They have a dolls house that Father Christmas gave them so I thought this pretty Tower would be the perfect addition. I gave this to Tilly when Eliza and him indoors went for a weekend with Grandma, it was a special treat because Tilly was sick which is why we stayed behind.

Mrs Bunny and the magic Fairy

Building it
It’s easy to put together, although it will take a good 30 minutes (longer if you’re doing it in front of Eastenders in which case you may get delayed), all the bits are included so it’s pretty straightforward.  As always it’s best to get it built before you give it to the children, as waiting around for Mummy to do it can be extremely boring.

Stimulating imagination
I knew Tilly would love this because she could make up little games and stories with the lovely fairies that can also be found at Dolls Houses .  She is very happy playing on her own in her own little world and this is at the perfect toy for helping her develop her already vast imagination.  The fairies have beds under the tower that can slide in and out, and there’s a table and chairs for fairy tea parties. There are also two large thrones.  Hours of fun. She put her little bunnies in the tower too.

Long lasting
The Fairy Tower is made from wood and (if you build it right) will last a long time.  I’m not a big fan of plastic toys (although they certainly have their place) but this kind of wooden toy is timeless and will be handed down to other little girls when mine have grown out of it.

The Fairy Tower is £27.99 from Dolls Houses. 



  1. wonderful product and lovely review

  2. What a lovely doll house, I’m sure any child would love to have one of these and make up stories till their heart’s content.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Sarah @ Goodheart Gifts.

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