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Mint Velvet Clothing (Mummy style)

So I’m taking a break from my tax return, which is thrilling let me tell you, to do something I should have done ages ago.  I need to tell you about Mint Velvet.  You may already know about this gorgeous label of clothing that manages to make people like me look better than we deserve, or you might not. If you don’t, you should.

Some time ago I trialled some of their very lovely clothes as part of a ‘mums in style’ feature. When I’d recovered from the shock of being asked I gladly took up the challenge. I’ve been a fan ever since.

So here’s a dress I wore to a wedding several weeks ago. It’s the Black Daisy Shift dress. It’s a versatile dress that can be dressed up or down. So you could wear it to work and then out in the evening (I live in hope that one day this might happen) or you could wear it to a wedding as I did.  I thought I’d embarrass myself by showing you a picture of moi in the dress so you can see that normal people look half decent in Mint Velvet clothes. Mostly because they are beautifully made and pull you in in all the right places. Always a bonus I find.

I also tried out the Stone Lace Bandage dress, which was also lovely (shame about the model and her scary eyes – no idea who this person is masquerading as the writer of this blog).

So go and visit Mint Velvet. They have some gorgeous new stuff in for Autumn too.

So anyway, time to stop showing off and get back to my tax return……my life rocks.



  1. Aw you look lovely :-)

  2. Very nice. I do love the black one. You look great. Don’t think I could wear that to work though, too sexy!

  3. Gorgeous dresses! Loving the black one in particular. So pleased to come across your blog – another stylish mum to give me lots of inspiration! Avril x

  4. OOh I really do love Mint Velvet and their catalogue seduces me EVERY time without fail but I do find it a teensy bit pricey eeek! I particularly love that daisy dress and it does fit so well. Tempted by that for sure….

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