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The Snugg iPhone Case Review

I recently tried out the Snugg iPhone case. When you consider how much these smartphones cost, both financially (eye watering frankly) and emotionally (my LIFE is on my iPhone, I’m SUCH a cliche) it’s worth keeping them well protected.

The Snugg range of products, including the iPhone case I tried do this well and they look nice too. In their range they have handy iPad cases that you can attach to the headrest on the front seat so the children can watch programmes on long journeys too which is a rather neat idea. Not that my children ever watch TV. Oh no. It’s all books, games and daisy chains in our household. But if they did, then this would be a very handy thing.

The case I tried is a tan suede pouch, the phone pops in snuggly (see what I did there?) and there’s a handy strap you pull to pop it out again, which is a nice feature. The only drawback is you can’t have a protective hard cover on the phone if you are using this case because it won’t fit in the Snugg pouch.

The Snugg iPhone 4 case

The Snugg iPhone 4 case

Perhaps its best feature is the fact neither of my children could get it out of the pouch which meant that whilst I was using it it actually remained mine. Which is rare since pretty much everything I own in fair game in this house.

You can visit Snugg here and view their very stylish range of iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other device accessories.


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