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Peas in a Pod

My girls are friends.  Ok they fight like Mabel and the local fox sometimes, but mostly they are pals. Currently their favourite game is wheelbarrow races (Tilly’s the wheelbarrow of course).  I like nothing more than eavesdropping on their conversations like a mummy-spy, listening to Eliza tell Tilly how to do something or more often tell her to “go and ask Mummy for a yoghurt/cow cheese/sweet/biscuit/double gin and tonic”.

Tilly then duly trots off to find me and repeat these instructions. Not sure how long that level of submission will last knowing Tilly.

This morning they are eating peas from the pods. Eliza discovered these when we were in France, we bought some in the market and she loves them. So she’s been showing Tilly how to open the pods.  They keep finding big peas and offering them to me:

“Look here’s a Mummy sized pea – for you.”  It’s an interesting choice for breakfast.

In the bike trailer – off on an adventure

When I asked them to smile this wasn’t what I had in mind..

They are great fun to be with now, not that they weren’t before, but it’s a different kind of fun when you can make a walk in the woods an adventure or a ‘nature trail’, because they are so interested in everything.  I love my time with them, it’s extremely special.

Eliza starts school next week. She’s getting so big, I know all parents say this but it’s going so fast.



  1. Oh I love listening to my little one’s conversation. It’s so lovely they are good friends.

  2. Your girls are so beautiful…I have two little girls also, truly the sweetest thing to hear them chatting away to each other. I don’t want them to grow up! Avril x

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