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First Day at School

My little girl started school today. She didn’t go until 10am this morning but from 6am she wanted to put her uniform on and her new school shoes we bought yesterday.  She didn’t mind when I put her hair in a neat pony tail, she didn’t complain when I took photographs, she smiled all morning. When we got to the school, after dropping Tilly at pre-school, she ran up to the front doors, then she noticed the hopscotch squares on the playground and started playing with another little girl.

When the teacher came to the door to collect us all she ran to the front.  I felt sure she should be holding my hand and not wanting to leave me but she couldn’t get in quick enough. She had that look of sheer, unadulterated excitement and expectation. Like this was something Big and she didn’t want to miss a moment of it. When we got to the classroom she and her friend from pre-school ran straight to the computers, Eliza put on an enormous pair of headphones.  I left quietly.

I remember being a little girl and going to school, hanging onto my mother’s leg until she had to physically remove me. I remember the smell of the classroom, the pictures on the walls, the old piano in the corner. I remember the teacher’s jumper and her scowl (she never seemed very happy), I remember looking at the other children and I remember the names of my first new friends, Lucy and Dominique. Dominique who’s father dropped her off and picked her up because her mother had died,  I remember feeling so sad about that even though she seemed very happy.

And I remember at the end of the first day my mother standing in her old Burberry raincoat, her wellies and a headscarf (she’d been gardening) waiting to pick me up.  My mum was there and everything was right with the world.

I enjoyed my early years at school, I think I pretty much enjoyed all my school years. Apart from a brief stint at secondary school where a group of boys mercilessly took the piss out of the way I spoke. My Queen’s English (drummed into me by my parents) evidently offended them.  I ignored them and I still speak nicely. So there.

It’s impossible to articulate my hopes and dreams for Eliza, as any mother knows they are endless. I just hope that school satisfies her boundless curiosity and desire to learn, I hope she makes nice friends and most of all, more important than any of that I hope she enjoys it.

Good luck my gorgeous girl.



  1. Well done both of you! Sounds like you’ve created a wonderful confident little lady

  2. I am glad it went Holly. Its so lovely that Eliza was so excited! I hope she enjoys the next few days xx

  3. Aw…lovely post…it’s an exciting special time. May she have many happy years at school, Avril x

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