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Birthday Girl

Today my eldest little girl is 5. She is very grown up indeed as you can imagine. Tilly is declaring that she is also having a birthday and she is 4. It’s easier to go with it than try and explain the unlikely biological odds of that actually being the case.

Having been up with them since 6am I am now taking a few minutes refuge in my room. My sister came up last night with her two children so you can probably imagine the general state of over excitement which is compounded by the forth coming trip to the theme park when my other sister and her children arrive. Wow. I’m just hoping I can stay awake long enough this evening to see Gary storm off X Factor again. I want a proper punch up between him and Louis of the Hair Weave.

Tilly is finding everything a bit difficult today, and it’s only 9am. She was up very early and indeed thoughout the night, I’m optimistic about the positive affects of the flying elephants later though. And if they fail to raise her spirits then there’s always a sugar rush from the donuts to look forward to.

Right I can hide no longer I can hear muffled cries of “I want my Mumeeeeeeee!” from Tilly. Time to put my game face on as Jonathan would say. It’s going to be FUN.

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  1. Happy birthday to your little girl. I hope you managed to make it through the day after the crack of dawn start!

  2. Sure it was FUN!! Hope you all had a lovely day x

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