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The Secret Life of My Daughter no.1

Tilly gets some very funny ideas in her head. In fact so much so that Eliza and I can frequently be found looking at each other with our ‘Tilly’s got another of her funny ideas in her head’ looks. Tilly is perfectly happy in her own little world and she is so very entertaining when she is occupying this surreal place that I can’t quite describe how delightful she is.

Yesterday we were driving to him indoors’ school for lunch (he had to work on Sunday) and as usual Tilly and Eliza were having a chat about what their favourite colours were and what their cousins were called when Tilly went off on one of her stunningly abstract tangents:

“I’ve got a brother Mummy and he lives….and he lives….and he lives..”

“A brother? Really?”

“Yes I’ve got a brother and he lives in France Mummy, and he has a car and it’s called Fancy Jacque.”

“Oh really?  Goodness me, I never knew.” She was so convincing that I actually had to think twice. Had I missed something? Like giving birth a third time? Unlikely.

The car is easier to explain. Our cars have names, Jenny and Fancy Dan. No I don’t really know why either but perhaps giving them names has made us emotionally unable to sell them which is why we’ve probably spent the equivalent of two brand new cars on them.  That and the fact that buying anything new would be completely pointless, in the same way that painting the house or buying nice furniture would be pointless. We have Small Children.

“Yes and he’s called Elmder. And I have a sister too.”

“Yes that’s me Tilly.”  Eliza keeping it real.

“No, no I have a sister called….called….erm….Meryn. Daddy told me.”

At which point Eliza and I exchanged looks in the rear view mirror..

“Tilly’s got another funny idea in her head hasn’t she Mummy.”  Cue much laughter from Eliza and Tilly joined in too.

I was most impressed with the names. Not any ordinary names, but Elmder and Meryn.  Where did they come from? Tilly has a wonderful imagination and I am rather hoping this will continue and grow as she grows. I sincerely hope that the realities of life do not dampen her delight in the completely bizarre. She’s an original. Maybe she’ll be the writer in the family….



  1. Lovely imagination! Hope she keeps it.

  2. Love it, and our car is called Betsy.

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