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All in a Day’s Work

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday, in what I believe was a privately owned house in a very smart part of London with two men who were quite possibly able to buy the village I live in, bulldoze it and a build a housing estate made of solid gold. (I should point out that I work in PR, I’m not an escort – I’m far too unglamorous for that, I’d get fired instantly).  I realised as I sat down that my nails looked like a teenager’s on the eve of her A Levels or a first date, depending on which instils the most anxiety.   I also attempted to fold my legs in such a way as to hide my boots that needed reheeling. Neither of these things can be put down to being a working mum. Both can be put down to me being me.

However as I rooted about in my ancient, falling apart hand bag for a pen all I could find amongst the sweet wrappers, letters from HMRC, letters from the PTA, raisins, old open lipstick tubes and other motherly detritus was a spare pair of Tilly’s knickers and a Peppa Pig pencil.  As I began to write with it on a notebook that I’d written my name on (really? how old am I?) they were kind enough not to comment on the pencil. I was taking notes as they talked (quickly) and I was thinking about how incredibly organised I was to have a spare pair of knickers for Tilly in my bag. That’s like a real mum thing to do. When the kids get caught short a real mum has a spare pair and some wipes. I was very proud of myself.  I looked at my notebook and I’d somehow written a page of notes from the meeting, whilst thinking about spare knickers. I am a true multi-tasker.

But sometimes my ability to multi-task in this way deserts me. A few weeks ago I was in a meeting discussing a food product.  Someone mentioned stabilisers, a ‘key’ ingredient of this product.  Rather than note this down I drew a picture of Eliza’s bike complete with stabilisers.  I then went on to draw the park and in fact her sitting on it.  I was quite pleased with it. I began thinking about when we would be able to go for bike rides as a family and how much fun that would be, which led me to remembering about going for bike rides when I was a girl.  Oh the lovely memories.

“Holly what’s your view on the stabiliser issue?”
“Ermm, yes stabilisers, they are definitely very good things, keep things balanced, you know, great, yes.”

Possibly not my finest moment.

Whilst idly searching for an image with which to illustrate this point last night, I found one of Victoria Beckham (using the search term ‘working mother’). I rather liked this quote from her that went with the glamorous picture.  Proof perhaps that it is possible to look half decent on a few hours sleep and the demands of small children.  Despite the help she probably has, she’s still a working mother and at the end of the day she manages her career and her 4 kids pretty damn well.

Beckham told the New York Post:

I’m a working mum, give me a break… Look, if people want to say I’m miserable then so be it. I’m really not. I have a lot on my plate. I’m not going to lie about it, I’m tired. I’m really tired but I’m also very happy with my life … I’m basically just like any woman who’s working and has lots of children – it’s tough.

Yeah, I’m just like her really.



  1. me and you both – we could be triplets x

  2. Ah, that we could all be like Vicky B, multi-tasker extraordinaire! A quick reccie of my handbag shows kiddie detritus including a hello kitty jewellery tin, 2 humzingers and red lippie with the cap off and red smeared everywhere. Très chic!

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