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Watch your Language

Don’t you just love the fascinating 3′s? EVERYTHING is exciting to a 3 year old and their take on the world is expressed in their burgeoning grasp of language. Tilly is a very good talker, she can talk for hours about anything you care to name, and she adds her own unique spin on it for good measure. This results in some very interesting interpretations of songs.

We were in the car yesterday listening to nothing. I’m working on my daughter’s musical education and have managed to graduate from nursery rhymes. Tilly’s current favourite is the Black Keys with a bit of Johnny Cash thrown in whilst Eliza is a die-hard King Charles fan.  Having heard both these albums approximately 9,000 times I was enjoying some peace and quiet when Tilly started to sing Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (those nursery rhymes will never be completely dislodged).

“Mary, Mary Con-Centrary, all your bells are silver in a row.”

“Lovely Tilly, what a nice song.”

“Mummy I can sing another one listen…Mary Mary Con-Centrary how does your garden grow, with Carkle shells all silver in a row.”

“Beautiful darling.”  Because actually listening Tilly sing is quite the most beautiful thing.

When we got home we unloaded the shopping, including a couple of DVD’s that were on offer (those offers near the tills are fatal, I’m such a consumer). I asked her which one she’d like to watch, Alice in Wonderland or The Lion King.

“Er, that one please Mummy, with the scary lion.”

“Ok, he’s not scary though darling, he’s very friendly.”

I took the wrapper off it only to discover it was on offer because it was a Blue Ray, a new fangled device with which I am most unfamiliar.  Give me a DVD or even a video, but Blue Ray is a mystery to me. Of course being the person I am I expressed this out loud,

“Oh it’s a bloody Blue Ray, well we can’t watch that, sorry darling.”

Tilly being the person she is expressed what was in her head out loud too,

“Yes Mummy let’s watch the Bloody Blue Jet, that’s really scary Mummy, yes Bloody Blue Jet.”

Another reminder to watch my language.  They just absorb EVERYTHING because it’s all so interesting to them. She was so very excited I felt rather mean having to let her down, but what can you do?

“Tell you what The Lion King isn’t actually very good, Alice in Wonderland is much better, oh yes far better, come on let’s watch it.”

She seemed to settle for that, but no doubt she’ll be asking for Bloody Blue Jet again soon.

She is currently very seriously involved in building a Duplo tower for her fairy witch pumpkin, whilst Eliza is just building an extremely tall tower.  Every now and then I can hear:

“That’s massive!”


“No ‘Liza that’s where the pumpkin goes!”

I’d better go and arbitrate.


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