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The Snail Hunt

It’s remarkable how quickly kids change in the early years, what they like to eat, wear (dresses were BIG in our life for a long time, in fact one dress got worn for one solid week, night and day) and what they are in to.  For Eliza Princesses were a firm favourite for a long time. That seems to have receded a bit lately, she seems to prefer making up elaborate games involving pirate ships and string.  But she continues to surprise me, and now it’s all about slugs and snails.

When I came home from my run this afternoon, it was about 4pm and getting dark and the girls were playing in the garden, whilst him indoors was chopping logs (“be careful with that axe Eugene”). Eliza came running up to me with her trug basket:

“Mummy mummy can you help me find a snail please?  Look I’ve already made a bed for it.” She’d put a selection of leaves and moss in her basket.  There’s something so wonderful about such a simple request.  Of course I helped her, as I gradually became colder and colder and my legs started to ache with post run fatigue (until finally I could no longer feel them). Tilly meanwhile was making food in the Wendy House:

“Mummy I’m making fish and potatoes for your dinner.  Look!” She handed me a plastic bowl with gravel and leaves in it.

We all then continued searching the garden (Tilly adding ‘ingredients’ to my dinner as we went) under every log, every flower pot, in all the flower beds, under every leaf. No snails. Do snails hibernate? Or perhaps they all die off in the winter? We didn’t find one. But we did find a box of bulbs that we then planted in the last of the light.

Then we went inside, I shivered until we got a fire lit, then we continued the pirate/string game from this morning.



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