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Contravening parenting code #3

Lately I have been guilty of a very serious parenting offence. The one that you simply know is only going to lead to trouble, create a habit that you’ll then spend weeks trying to break. Tears, stress, tiredness will ensue but at the time of contravening this parenting code that seems to be very insignificant.

It started the other night. My littlest girl woke up and called me. To be clear she never does this. Recently she has gone through a stage of waking up and screaming at some unknown object/person to “go away!” and as soon as I go in to her room I become the object of her loathing “get away Mummy!”. Heartbreaking by any standards. Her little face is blotchy and scared, she’s crying but won’t let either of her parents near her to cuddle her and calm her down.

So when her little voice calls me in the night, with no anger in it, I’m there. Quick as a flash. And when my beautiful, warm, cuddly little girl says,

“Mummy can I sleep in your bed?”

…followed by two little arms fixing themselves around my neck and her sleepy, warm head resting on my shoulder, I break the code right there.

“Of course my darling” and I carry her into our room, politely ask him indoors to go to the spare room and cuddle up with my little girl. It’s heavenly. For now.

She’s a very still sleeper and she’s very quiet. But last night I could sense she was still awake after a while, just lying there thinking Tilly thoughts and I said,

“Darling close your eyes.”

And she simply said,

“I did Mummy but they keep opening again.”

Fair enough. So I smiled in the dark and felt her little hand find mine and just waited for our eyes to shut and not open again till morning.

I know I’ll have to deal with it but like so many phases the girls go through, it’s special right now. It’s some of the only time we get to be so close and it’s immeasurably important to me.

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  1. It must be something in the water – my boy is too tiny to speak (10 mths) but last night he would only settle in my arms and finally on me in our bed. I’ve always stayed away from this as its a delicious habit that would be hard for us both to break, but just this oooooonce x

  2. Yep my daughter has also recently wanted to come into our bed, I’m trying to resist as I know this will turn into a habit. We always let the kids in our bed for morning snuggles but during the night I have always been quite strict as I find it difficult to sleep with a little persons elbow in my eye!!…will see how long my resistance lasts :)

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