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Let it Snow

I went for a run this evening, after about the first mile I could feel my feet again, after the second I felt less like I was in a deep freeze, blimey it’s cold. I sent a friend a rather feeble text on the train home suggesting a run, I was secretly hoping she’d say she was busy. She wasn’t. It’s good though, I feel virtuous and like I can eat a huge bar of Dairy Milk and not feel guilty.  Result.

I am silently praying for snow. Not so much that we can’t get out of the drive for a week last year but just enough to mean the girls get to use the new plastic sledge I bought in Sainsbury’s in August. Yes really, how about that for forward planning?  I also managed to get them snow boots there too (last week, not in August, that would be weird), the only year I managed to get them before they sold out. So for the first year since they’ve been able to walk they will not be trudging around with snow filled wellies and oversized snow suits that I’ve found in the local charity shop (we have inherited snow suits from my sister’s kids. They are pink. Obviously). I want to show off my preparedness and Good Mother points.

So now we just need snow.  We want to build a snow woman like a few years ago.  Mary was her name and she lurked outside the french doors and would stare menacingly at us whilst we watched TV in the evenings. Him indoors and Eliza made her when Tilly was too small to join in and I was too cold to.  It’s a dad job though isn’t it really? I’m not much of a snowman creator.  The coal never stays in the eye sockets and the carrot fails to stick as a nose so the snowman ends up looking deeply sinister. Then someone’s scarf gets donated (normally mine) and stays out on the patio for the next year or so when it becomes home to a visiting hedgehog.

Here’s Mary. Isn’t she a beauty?  This year it’d be a fair guess to say we’ll be building a snow cat if Tilly has anything to do with it.


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