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What Women Want for Christmas

I don’t know about you but buying Christmas presents can be fun and satisfying, when you know EXACTLY what that person in your life would like, or it can be an anxiety inducing nightmare as you waste a load of cash on yet more gifts that will consigned to the ‘regift’ cupboard…. 

So when Sainsbury’s offered me this guest post, I thought it might be helpful. 

Finding gifts for the women in your life can be a heart-warming and enjoyable experience. If you’ve allowed yourself plenty of time to consider your purchases and are not pushed into impulse purchases then Christmas shopping for the ladies in your life should, in theory, be a walk in the proverbial park.
You may think you know your female friends and family like the back of your hand. The chances are you do understand their quirks and characteristics, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re able to get it spot-on when it comes to shopping for the ideal gift. You’re sure to stumble upon numerous items that could potentially make adequate gifts. However, the perfect gift can often prove to be highly elusive.

We all want our loved ones to be both surprised and delighted when opening their parcels on Christmas morning. No one likes to witness that brief expression of bewilderment when the recipient is a little confused at your choice of gift. However fleeting that flash of disappointment may be, you can’t help but be distinctly aware that your loved one is probably wondering just what on earth you were thinking.

If choosing an item of clothing, for example, proves to be too much of a conundrum, then why not opt for an alternative? If your friend is a sucker for a particular scent or loves lotions and potions, why not consider cosmetics or some items for the bathroom instead?

For those ladies who are less prone to pampering, don’t simply bag some bubble bath in a bid to tick a name off your gift list. Avoid the easy option and think about the person for whom you’re buying the present.

Consider your partner’s specific tastes and hobbies, as well as the type of music they listen to or a particular programme they enjoy. Is she a ‘foodie’ or more into fitness? Whatever your budget may be, you‘re bound to hit upon a thoughtful and appropriate present if you keep looking in the right places.

As for gifts for the girl who has everything, why not think outside the jewellery box? Gift experiences are a great alternative to traditional presents. You could treat a loved one to an indulgent spa experience or deluxe makeover. If the lady in question prefers to get her hands dirty, then an off-road driving experience or a day of paintballing should hit the spot.

With a little thought and effort, you’re certain to work out what it is that the woman in your life would appreciate.


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