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The Night Before Christmas

I have wrapped up approximately 55,000 presents. And to be clear present wrapping is on a par with changing bed linen in my world. I loathe it. I am terrible at it and I just want it over with.

Which means I wrap in the way Eliza might wrap.  Rubbish edges and tears in the corners. I never get ribbons and bows, actually one year I did but I even managed to stick them on lopsided.

My friend Lucy is a present wrapping genius, she delivered some beautifully wrapped things to me at  work last week. I gave her a badly wrapped offering in paper as thin as toilet roll. I’m a great friend, honestly.

But.  I am very excited about Christmas. As are my girls.  They are beside themselves in fact.  Eliza in particular. Tilly is not quite sure what’s going on and can be found running into the kitchen to find me asking:

“Is Father Christmas here yet?”

“Not yet sweetheart, tomorrow morning.”

“Oh.”  She appears mildly disheartened but trots off to find her toy pony “Toffee” to play with.
There’s something incredibly special about this time off, after the first few days in which I spend most of my time trying to decompress from what is seemingly the busiest time of year at work, we all relax a bit.  It’s lovely.

For about the last 8 months I have woken every day to Tilly asking me if it’s morning.  When we establish that it is (or not as the case may be) the next question is:

“Is it a Mummy day?”

And most days my heart breaks as I tell her that no it isn’t, but it won’t be long until it is.  She gets tearful and I have to think quickly of distractions.

In other news I have transferred my blog to a self hosted one on WordPress because I wanted to own it.  I have no real idea if this will work or if I will lose every single visitor I have (see you later Dad) , apparently it’s supposed to be very smooth and easy, but I’m not convinced. Currently I have two duplicate blogs. So please visit and update your records if you’d like to and if you do would you mind just leaving a comment, as I want to check it all works.  Thanks.

Merry Christmas! xx


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