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Just a Bit of Warning

So as you may know my blogging mojo has been suffering a bit of late. There are various reasons for this but ultimately I’m just the type who needs a bit of a change every now and then. When I was little I used to endlessly change my bedroom round, my mother would brace herself and roll her eyes heavenward whenever I told her of my intentions.

And my blog is like my grown up version of my childhood bedroom. Sometimes I want to change it round, put up some different posters, put my desk in front of the window, move the ancient wardrobe to a different wall.  And I want to know that when I do move it around no one’s going to come along and move it back or even take it away.

So I have decided to move my blog to a self hosted WordPress site. Bearing in mind my technological ability is akin to my cat’s (the girl’s are probably more adept than me), it was a surprisingly swift decision. But anyone who knows me will tell you I am impulsive, mostly to my detriment, but occasionally to my credit. Hopefully this decision will be the latter.

Obviously I made time to do this properly, researched it fully and then allowed myself time to set it up before moving my domain.  Obviously I didn’t.  I started to do this at about 10pm on Christmas eve. I was up at midnight panicking because I appeared to have lost everything, I had no real idea what I was doing and apart from this helpful video from Sally at Tots 100 I was relying on random google searches.

So anyway.

The first attempt failed, due to some kind of weird corruption of the theme (that’s the structure that makes the site look pretty) and due to the fact I couldn’t actually access my admin panel.  But I’m having another go (we all love a try-er) and will be redirecting you soon.  The idea is to create a new site under the existing url so hopefully you won’t notice much change.  But I will. I will be able to move my room around as much as I like and make it all neat and tidy or really messy, depending on my mood.

I do hope that if you enjoy this blog you’ll continue to read me there. With any luck you won’t actually have to do anything at all, but then again that would be far too easy wouldn’t it?

I’ll keep you posted…



  1. This made me smile – I was exactly like you as a child, although I never told my mother, she just heard the tell-tale sounds of hefty wardrobe scraping on floor! I have also been tempted to go self-hosted but sadly wouldn’t have a clue how to!

    • Actually I think there were certainly times I didn’t tell her. Btw if you want to go self hosted it is actually pretty easy, specially if you get some proper help. @timmarchant is excellent :)

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