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Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction

Over 1/2 an hour a day makes you a social media addiction

I read an article about social media addiction today in the Evening Standard whilst on my way home from work. As usual I was tired and distracted by both iPhone (checking emails, Facebook, texts) and Blackberry (work emails). The irony was not lost on me.

Apparently if you check Facebook or Twitter more than 10 times a day or spend more than 1/2 hour on the social networks then you could be addicted. Well that’s me done for then. Add in the blog and the reading of other blogs and I’m well and truly on the road to ruin. Although part of it could be put down to my job. It’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

There’s a clinic in North London that actually deals with this type of social media addiction, you’ll be relieved to hear. But it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. According to Dr Graham from the Tavistock and Portman in Belsize Park, we check our news feeds for ‘surveillance’ purposes. We want to make sure we’re not being left out. Seeing comments about our pictures reinforces our positive self image (or not, depending on the comments of course).

I would like to think that this didn’t apply to me anymore. I wrote about Blog Idol when I first started blogging because I was overwhelmed with the competitiveness of it all (in the mummy blogging community I mean), you can read it here. But sadly I think it does. I keep my phone by my bed so I can check the time when I wake up, or get woken up by the girls and so it’s normally the first thing I look at in the morning. By doing that you can’t escape seeing any texts or Facebook mentions. It’s hard to ignore them.

This evening him indoors was putting Eliza to bed because I had intended to go for a run. I went to my room, pulled out my running gear and noticed a text pinging on my phone. I checked it and in so doing I noticed a couple of Facebook comments. I read them, I replied to them, I felt warm inside that anyone had bothered to comment on my new profile picture (surprised too to be honest). Then I read a couple of new emails, I replied. By the time I’d done all that about 20 minutes had passed. At which point Eliza called me in to give her ‘smudgy head’ (a kind of head massage, lucky girl) and then it sort of became too late to go for a run. Facebook ruined my run.

So maybe my social media addiction is more concerning than I thought. Do you think you’re addicted or just mildly obsessive?



  1. Good timing. Since Christmas I’ve been asking myself a question; Would I be a better person without my iPhone? I read a quote from the Pope (of all people, I’m not religious in any way) that has stuck with me about modern life. Right now I’m too scared to try. And that in itself is scary.

    • I just think back to when I was a child (which means I’m definitely getting old) and my mum wasn’t on her iPhone or laptop all the time and when people weren’t at work, they really weren’t at work. It must have been liberating, yet we think all this technology is liberating but i often wonder if it actually is. Anyway could pontificate for ages. Hope all’s well with you and the Green Door Bookshop. xx

      • Lois was pretending to be on a pink plastic phone tonight when we were starting her homework. She said ‘I’ll just turn this off’ as we started. It was really annoying but of course she was just doing what I do the whole feckin’ time! *sigh*

  2. Oh my! I come under the ‘addicted’ category then, definitely. Always quickly checking social media updates…I’m new to blogging, so of course that’s another thing to check up on. I do love reading others’ blogs though…will follow.

    • itsamummyslife says:

      hello! thanks for visiting. I was certainly at the height of ‘addiction’ when i first started blogging, there’s all the other blogs to read and all the other stuff that goes with it, it can take over!


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