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The Wheelbarrow Seminar for Women/Mums Who Need Perspective

I was recently contacted by a very nice lady who runs the Wheelbarrow Seminars for women/mums who need perspective or feel a bit lost or unsettled. The seminar offers simple tools and perspectives that will allow women to begin to take steps to turn this around and create a much more compelling way of living. It empowers them to begin to make things better and for them to feel better.

The wheelbarrow seminar for women/mums who feel overwhelmed

Just made me laugh, that’s all

I’m guessing she got in touch because it’s often fairly clear from my blog that I feel a bit lost and a bit unsettled (I want to say unbalanced but that would make me sound a bit unhinged, which depending on what the day throws at me maybe I am). I read the testimonies from previous seminars and thought this sounded like a genuinely Good Thing. It’s free too. Here’s what some people said about the last Wheelbarrow Seminar:

I HIGHLY recommend this… I went to the May seminar and thought it excellent. Full of tips for staying sane when dealing with all that gets thrown at us and some really inspiring thoughts on how to deal with obstacles we inevitably encounter in life. – a very valuable couple of hours…

Just wanted to say that this seminar was brilliant. Bonnie gave some really good ideas about how to cope with life’s obstacles and not beat yourself up in the process! Would recommend.

Bloody brilliant!

I just wanted to thank you for such an inviting and inspirational evening. I have taken so much away from your generous sharing and insight together with reminding me to embrace challenges with courage, compassion, wisdom and positivity.

The next Wheelbarrows seminar takes place at G-Live in Guildford on the 21st January at 8pm and is free of charge.

The seminars are run by Bonnie Rasmussen, a life coach who helps people figure out what really matters to them, who they want to be and how they can get there. She has two children herself so probably knows a thing or two about compromises, balance and guilt.

So if you are free on 21st January and you live near-ish to Guildford then consider attending The Wheelbarrow Seminar for Women/Mums who need perspective


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