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In Which My Daughter Solves My Work Life Balance

My eldest daughter and I have some fantastic conversations, she has a unique 5 year old perspective on the world and she is Always Right. Which can be a bit of a challenge at times, when you’re discussing something like how to peel a carrot or how to ride a bike without stabilisers. It’s a challenge I have yet to master, but I keep trying.

Today I was working from home and we were chatting about that as we had supper. I told her that we were going to be getting an au pair. This wasn’t out of the blue, we’ve chatted about it before.

“Mummy what are au pairs?” If a question’s worth asking, it’s worth asking several times.

“Well they are girls who want to come to England to learn our language and look after children, like Veronika, remember her?” She was our first au pair and she was very nice.

“Yes. But why would anyone want to look after children?”

I laughed out loud.

“Lots of people want to look after children darling.”

“But not if the children are brats.”

What? I say many of the wrong things, but not sure that’s one of the words that crosses my lips.

“No probably not in that case,” don’t draw attention to it, “but you’re lovely children so they’ll want to look after you.”

“Okay Mummy. Can I have more ketchup please?”

“Yes, if you eat your broccoli.”

“Mummy I’ve got a good idea.”


“Why don’t you leave your job and become a childminder? You could look after us and we’d have other children to play with.” Said in a ‘there I’ve sorted your life out’ type of voice.

“Well it’s a very good idea darling, but probably not one that’ll work for us.”

“Why not?”

“Well being a childminder is for people who have lots of experience of looking after children and they are very good at it.”

“But you’re very good at looking after us Mummy.”

Bless. I didn’t really have the heart to explain that I’m probably the most ill-suited person to be a childminder but I’m sure she’ll move on and find me another job that will give me the perfect work life balance. She’s very resourceful my daughter.



  1. That is so sweet. I love how innocent children are like that.

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